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applications are now on going for SY 2024-2025

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B.U.I.L.D Up Application Form

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Medical Section

Immunizations Please Provide A Copy Of Your Child's Immunization Record Verified By Health Department Record, Physician's Record, Etc.,

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CHILDREN OVER TWO YEARS OF AGE: No physical punishment will be allowed. Positive Techniques of guidance, including redirection, anticipation and of elimination of potential problems and encouragement of appropriate behavior rather that competition, comparison or criticism are first choices of discipline in the classroom. A “thinking Chair/time out chair” may be used when persistent problems occur. The maximum time a child will spend in the thinking chair will be 1 minute per year of age of the child. An explanation will be given to the child why she/he must sit in the chair. Parents will be consulted if behavior persists for an extended time.

Photo Consent

I give consent for pictures to be taken of my child. These photos may be used for class pictures, individual pictures, classroom projects, news articles or other related materials.

In return, we expect that you will honor your enrollment for the school term unless you move from the city or unusual circumstances occurs which makes a mutual agreement to dissolve the contract the most advantageous arrangement for the child. I agree to honor this enrollment as described above. In case I do need to remove my child from the program, I will give two-weeks notice or pay for that length of time. I hereby agree to comply with the policies, rules, and regulations of BUILD Up Christian School Inc.



FOR PLC CLASSES: INCLUSIONS (Records and accreditation, curricullum, syllabus, weekly plan, projects and integrated assessments (Quarterly), Developmental Checklist for Preschool) EXCLUSIONS: Rescheduled exams and special PTC, books, testing materials, events and school programs.


Please settle Payments and attached proof of payment (deposit slip, Screen Shot of bank transfers)