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Build Up goes Gardenia Virtual Tour

Everyone is always excited about Field Trip. The educational Outbound tour is an event that all students look forward to. It is where they learn outside of the four walls of the classroom and see things from a much bigger perspective. With the COVID – 19 pandemic, schools are held mostly online. Students are quite sad and stressed being stuck at home and cannot play or hang out with their peers. Thus, we are grateful for our partnership with Gardenia Philippines to make our virtual classes more interesting through a virtual tour. Gardenia Philippines is a renowned bread industry here in the Philippines. Different tasty treats are freshly made from their factory that we consume on a daily thing. We are very blessed to have them host a superb virtual tour for our students at BUILD Up Christian School Inc. Last October 27th and 29th, our students had a wonderful time with our guests from Gardenia Philippines. Representatives from Gardenia prepared a wonderful activity and made sure that even if things are done online, students gladly enjoyed the tour. Students learned about the proper nutrition that they should be consuming every day. The ten kumainments is a fun way to remember it. Next, the children had fun as the representatives from Gardenia showed them how bread is made inside the gardenia factory. Lastly, the students really enjoyed making the recipe even in the comfort of their homes. They had fun making the no-fire recipe prepared by the Gardenia Philippines. Truly, they learned a lot and they eat a lot. Indeed, it is a fun-filled day for our students and teachers alike.

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