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applications are now on going for SY 2024-2025


The goals of our early childhood, elementary curriculum (K-2) include progressively developing the learners on the Christian value formation and preparing them in pursuing academic excellence. More importantly, preparing and equipping them to make a difference in their generation.

Specifically, our objectives are:

  • To teach your children to appreciate their worth as a person.
  • To encourage your child’s natural abilities and to promote his/her well-being.
  • To celebrate their uniqueness and strength through Multiple Intelligence
  • To help them realize from the start that learning experiences are joyful and worthwhile through Developmentally Appropriate practice and Structured Play-based Learning and Intellect-based Learning Center.
  • To develop the Child’s academics, sensory, perceptual motor, psychological and most importantly fostering Christian Character building (Spiritual).
  • To encourage the child to continue and appreciate their formal education in elementary grades with diligence and satisfaction.
  • To help them internalize good Filipino Christian Values
  • To touch the heart of every learner and make them a God-fearing child. (Proverbs 1:7)
  • Lastly, to serve the community of Sta. Rosa by raising and training future leaders.


Our children are immersed in a pleasant atmosphere where learning is occurring every day. It is our goal to provide each child with age-appropriate tasks in order to help them thrive.


Our curriculum is research-based, developed from and guided by educational philosophy; Inspired by Howard Gardner’s Multiple-intelligence, Reggio Emillia, and Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum. We believe that children learn through interacting not only with their teachers but also their peers. Peer teaching and learning has intrinsic value because it not only enhances a child’s sense of mastery and worth, but also facilitates cooperation and appreciation of others. However, we do not believe that ―one size fits all‖ and will accommodate the developmental needs of all the children. We want to see each child develop holistically and individually in order to give them a social and academic advantage to prepare them to be a life-long learner.


The curriculum is guided by principles and practices approved by the Department of Education. It promotes creativity, leadership, independence and taps their Multiple Intelligence. In order to separate them from the traditional type of learning, we incorporate music and arts, sports and interests while enriching Filipino culture and tradition through games. More so, basic computer programming is added to their daily routine. Students are allowed to choreograph their own dance, write and enjoy stories and poetry, code and program their very first computer game.