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Dear Family,

Blessed day! Welcome to B.U.I.L.D. Up Christian School Inc.!

We would like to thank you for partnering with us and choosing BUILD Up Christian School. We are honored that you have participated in these precious early years and entrusted us with your loved one’s foundational learning experience.

Our school is a child development center that upholds Christian values. We are so excited to share our passion for young children’s learning with you. Each day you will hear from us and your child about the delightful experiences that we’ve shared together. Our goal is that your child will go home every day bursting with excitement and eagerness to tell you about the wonders they’ve discovered and the adventures that they’ve had throughout the day. We will be encouraging your child to ask questions, to explore their own ideas and to document what they learn through play to become independent learners.

For your child to enjoy and benefit from all of our learning opportunities, we ask you to partner with us by preparing them for each day. This handbook will help explain how you can support them, what you can expect from us and what we can expect from you. On occasion, we may find it necessary to add or change information in this handbook. In that case, we will provide you with a printed addendum. We welcome your questions, comments and ideas. Our school is a learning environment not only for children but also for parents and staff.

We are excited to see them all flourish and grow to be the kind of person God wants them to be. We truly appreciate this season that they are with us. Discovering their uniqueness and God-given gifts and potential will surely be an exciting journey. We look forward throughout the years partnering with you in your child’s education. We desire nothing but the best for your children as we all together BUILD them Up!


Mrs. Arlene N. Faraon


“A paragon of excellence and an outstanding progressive and non-traditional educational system with lifelong learners who are trained, equipped and are ablaze with passion for making a difference in their generation.”

BuildUp CSI Mission


The School aims to promote optimum child development through a holistic, non traditional and progressive curriculum.

About Us

B.U.I.L.D. Up Christian School Inc. is a hub where gifts and talents are discovered and natural unlimited learning potentials are tapped. It provides an opportunity where God-given abilities, imagination and creativity are awakened. It endeavors to raise future generational leaders – who are world changers, history makers and glory dispensers of God. It aspired to continually provide an avenue where every person is respected, cared for and celebrated for their unique interest, different ability and multiple intelligences.