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Mid Year Programs


  • July 4-6, 11-13, 18-20, 25-27

Mid year Programs

  • August 1-3, 8-10
  • Learning Camp



Our holistic Playschool Program aims at supporting the development of confidence and independence skills that your child will need prior to starting formal school, helping to build a solid foundation for later learning.

It promotes interests and assist your child in becoming an active learner. The program and our extensive educational resources provide opportunities for your child to develop to their full potential whilst having fun at the same time and learning through PLAY.

Zoom Classes

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L.E.A.P. Courses

Group Classes

Tutorials one on one Face to face and Online

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School Readiness

This Programs allows your child to be ready for school. It uses integrated Core Curriculum and Developmentally Appropriate Practices.

The Objectives are to improve children’s school readiness by enhancing their language, reading, and social skills in a fun and nontraditional way learning.

School readiness is not all about academics. We recognize that childres learn best through play, and that more important than skill development is their development of social and emotional wellbeing, Which is needed to be an active and postive learner.

Music Courses