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Why Build Up

Non-Traditional Approach and Inspirations

Inspirations for Non-traditional approach

  There is no such thing as one size fits all program and curriculum for children. Thus B.U.I.L.D. Up Christian School endeavors to be guided and be inspired by the different approaches that are deemed applicable. These principles are applied within our unique context of non-traditional approaches to education.


  • Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences

Going against the idea of the traditional view of intelligence which is measured through IQ tests, Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory suggests that people are “intelligent” in their own way. These intelligences include people’s talents and abilities.


      With this in mind,  B.U.I.L.D. Up celebrates and acknowledges the uniqueness of each student through incorporating this theory’s eight multiple intelligences. At the end of the school year, students are rewarded according to their intelligence.


  • Developmentally Appropriate Practice

In order for B.U.I.L.D Up preschoolers to achieve holistic learning and development, our activities are structured to accommodate the needs of our students and their age appropriateness. We take into consideration their age, previous knowledge, and maturity. Using this approach, we assess students through daily observations, developmental checklists, and other forms of assessment (formal and informal). 

  • Reggio Emilia Approach

Co-LOVE-boration is one of the most important traits of the BUILD Up Community. Just like the Reggio Emilia approach, we, at B.U.I.L.D. Up sees parents and the wider community as partners for student development to continue even at the comfort of each home. 

These relationships and interactions demand that collaboration exists, recognizing the rights that each participant has in  their own experience and as members in a social construction of knowledge. We cannot claim to be a Reggio Emilia school because we are not located in Reggio Emilia where their practices are influenced by their own unique context. However, the curriculum (everything that a child experiences, including the environment) is based on the emerging interests and curiosity of the students.

We engage, interpret, observe, and document to guide our practices.  Most importantly, the child is viewed as competent and capable, long-term investigations emerge from children’s interests and “ Art” as representation and means of communication.

Small Teacher and Student Ratio



Team Cacay

"I appreciate how the school manage to organize its lessons and activities despite virtual set up. It's a good decision for us to choose BUILD UP. Based on the experiences shared by our peers whom kids are studying in big and well-known schools, I can say this school has planned/adopted better in terms of its methods/ways. Schedules of activities are very much working-moms/dads-friendly. Activities are well-thought-of. Value for money as well! Lucky to have encountered you in google while searching for a good virtual/home school for Jacob. Kudos! Thank you Teachers!"

Team Marco

"Thank you BUILD UP for always thinking and planning ahead for the well being of your students. Thank you to all the teachers who always find ways to improve and make variations on their teachings for the kids to have fun while learning. Keep it up! Thank you Teacher Arlene for leading your team and doing the best you can amidst your busy schedule. God bless"

Team Banzuela

We would like to commend Teacher Ae for being so accommodating to us every time we have questions. He's really helpful and a good example to the kids as their teacher. Great job also to other teachers in Grade 4!! Thank you for being patient to our daughter Crysta!😊

Team Haropohop

"We consider that this current status, our child's experience online in Build Up School is helpful in terms of her knowledge growth, attitude and personal capability. Somewhat it increases her confidence and she learns how to gain friends even online."

Team Catindig

"Thank you teachers for all that you do for our kids and our family. It is greatly appreciated. God bless us all this year. 😊 "

Team Tubale

"Thank you for the learnings and sacrifices you've given to my daughter."